Behind The Scenes

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the finishing, safety and engraving equipment that goes into making inlay jewelry creation.

Lathe Mandrels

Key to creating beautiful long lasting jewelry is the lathe mandrel.

These must spin true and not have any wobble otherwise the finished product will be off-center.

The type of mandrel differs between earrings and rings. It's counter intuitive that the earring mandrel is so much larger then those used to make rings.

Mandrel Wear

A side by side comparison of a brand new mandrel and one used to make approximately 4,000 rings shows the wear over time.

The exposed areas of the mandrel tend to wear away due to continued exposure to abrasives such as; sandpaper and polishing compounds.

Protective Equipment

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is a must when working with glues, resins, dust and machinery.

The most common equipment is safety glasses, respirators and gloves.

Safety Glasses

On the topic of safety equipment, take a closer look at these safety glasses. This photo shows a glue droplet that highlights the importance of workshop safety!

Burl Wood Collection

Some of the most beautiful designs come from various burl woods.

Shown here are various different types of burl wood from around the world.

From the greys of buckeye burl to rich gold tones in amboyna. The swirls, grain pattern and eyes make some very unique creations.

These are generally reserved for our Custom Shop selections.

In-house Engraving

All engravings are done in-house at the Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC workshop on our 30 watt fiber laser.

For engravings, each ring is mounted in a rotary chuck with attached air filtration system.

It's this laser precision with upgraded Raycus laser module that allows for engraving multiple different fonts and even the occasional emoji!

Laser Safety

Working with the laser is always fun, but even better because the special light filtering safety glasses seem like something right out of the movies!

Our First Ring

This solid Olive Wood and comfort fit tungsten core band was the very first ring through the workshop

Over the years there have been lots of lessons learned, process improvements, efficiency and equipment upgrades but this is the ring that started it all.

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