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Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC is a small, family owned business located between the Catskill and Adirondack mountains in Saratoga County Upstate New York.

It's through a love and appreciation of nature that Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC was born. Our designs are inspired by looking up at the night sky looking for satellites and shooting stars, sitting quietly by a lake or river, or on a back country hike.

We set out on a mission to specialize primarily in designing inlay jewelry inspired by nature using natural elements to build a keepsake that we expect to last you a lifetime.

Whether it's for your wedding, engagement, promise, or just to remember a special weekend away, Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC is here to design more than just another ring. We're here to help give you a way to wear a memory as unique as you are. Something special that you can wear and carry with you always.


Message from the owner:

"Growing up in Upstate New York provided our family the opportunity to be exposed to an area rich in both nature and history. There were plenty of weekend visits across New York and New England to flea markets, garage sales and antique shops through my childhood. 

One seemingly insignificant experience at a flea market had a profound impact on my view of customer service. Someone bumped into something and without any greeting, or offer to help, the shop owner grunted out; "What'd ya buy?!". As if to exclaim; "you break, it you bought it".

This experience is why I'm proud to offer our customers a 180 day/6 month one time size/width exchange and 365 day/1 year free one time replacement for any damage you may even cause to your ring. This is part of our "Take care of your customer and they'll take care of you" mindset. I'm humbled to say that I've personally had the privilege of making over 5,000 customer rings and this is core to every single customers order, even yours! We're here to help and we mean it!

Thank you for shopping with our team at Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC.
-Eric Roberts, Owner, Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC"

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