Material Selection

We offer a wide selection of inlay and band materials to offer our customers a custom designs you're sure to love. We're continuously adding to our designs regularly.

Tungsten Carbide

Many of our designs are made using Tungsten Carbide for it's durability and long lasting qualities. Tungsten Carbide is a dense and abrasive resistant metal that can hold up to every day wear.

Pro's for Tungsten Carbide

  • low maintenance
  • high scratch resistance
  • Dense heavy ring metal
  • Maintains its shine

Con's for Tungsten Carbide

  • Medium impact resistance
  • Some customers report skin sensitivity 
  • Can't be resized

Plated Tungsten Carbide

Our black, gold and rose gold tungsten ring offerings are made using a plated Tungsten Carbide. To match the durability and long lasting qualities of Tungsten Carbide a process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), ION Plating (IP) is used instead of the traditional Electro or Bath plating. This industrial process affixes a layer of titanium/zirconium oxide, gold or rose gold on the Tungsten Carbide for a smooth uniform finish. Tungsten Carbide is is a dense and abrasive resistant metal that can hold up to every day wear. 

Pro's for Plated Tungsten Carbide

  • low maintenance
  • high scratch resistance
  • Dense, heavier feeling metal
  • Maintains its shine

Con's for Plated Tungsten Carbide

  • Medium impact resistance
  • Due to the plating, it's very rare that customers report any skin sensitivity 
  • Can't be resized
  • Plating could wear or scratch over time.

Black Zirconia Ceramic

Don't let the name fool you! This is not ceramic like your coffee mug, or the decorative pot for a plant. Sometimes referred to as "Ceramic Steel", or "Titanium Carbide", Black Zirconia Ceramic is a high tech, lightweight, and highly abrasive resistant carbide that can hold up very well to every day wear. The Black Zirconia Ceramic band is made though a process that takes Zirconium Oxide, heat and pressure to form a solid, extremely hard ring. The Black Zirconia Ceramic band has a surface hardness close to rubies/sapphires, just below that of a diamond. The black color of the Black Zirconia Ceramic bands will never fade, flake off, or wear away.

Pro's for Black Zirconia Ceramic

  • low maintenance
  • high scratch resistance
  • lightweight ring
  • Extremely rare for any allergic reactions
  • Maintains its shine

Con's for Black Zirconia Ceramic

  • Medium impact resistance
  • Engravings can be slightly harder to see
  • Can't be resized

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is an alloy, or mix of metals. It's typically mixed with chromium for a nice bright shine and is designed to prevent any rusting.

A common example would be the highly specialized and precise surgical tools you might find in a hospital.

We use Stainless Steel in our earring designs. It provides a higher scratch resistance and improved earring post durability verses sterling silver.

Comfort Fit Bands

There are two common band types for rings; Comfort Fit pictured on the right and Standard Fit pictured on the left.

Comfort fit bands have a slight taper, or domed shape on the interior of the band. These feel smoother and don't dig into your finger as much if they're caught on something (such as a pocket).

Standard fit bands have a flat interior profile without any smooth taper to the edges. These often feel more pinching, or sharp at the edges.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all of the designs at Adirondack Inlay Studio LLC have Comfort Fit interiors.

Wood and Gemstones

Our designs are created with sustainability, durability and ethics in mind. We source our wood and gemstones from reputable suppliers. 

We choose to only work with suppliers inlay materials who affirm they are are not involved in destructive deforestation, or illegal timber harvesting.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

In our commitment to Nature, and representation of the Adirondacks; Our packaging materials are selected with a thoughtful and environmentally conscious approach.

Shown here is our packaging with the optional upgrade for our premium wooden ring box made with Zebra wood.

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