This guide is packed with a lot of detail to help guide you through typical sizing options. The below buttons are quick links to each sizing topic.

Printable Sizer

We're happy to offer a printable sizer for those customers who would prefer this as an option.

Our Printable Ring Sizer will be accurate within 1/4 to 1/2 ring size up to US size 14.

This section will provide some tips when using the printable sizer.

Using the printable sizer might seem a little tricky at first. If you flip your palm up and hold one end of the sizer with your thumb, and use your opposite hand to pull the tag end of the sizer it will give you the easiest grip.

The printable sizer is most accurate when it's pulled snug, but not very tight to your finger. You won't be able to slide it around.

For most customers, sizing just behind the knuckle is most accurate. For customers with larger knuckles, or larger fingers; you'll want to size accordingly for best fit.

The printable ring sizer also has a built in width estimator. After you've found your size, hold the end of the ring sizer up to your finger to determine if you would like the 8mm, 6mm or 4mm band width.

Once you've finished using your printable sizer, please consider recycling the printout after you've gotten your perfect size.

Reusable Sizer

Our reusable plastic ring sizer will give you an accurate US ring size up to size 17.

If you're not sure what size you need and would like us to send you a sizer befpre shipping your order please select the "Send A Sizer" option as your ring size.

If you're undecided on what design to order but would still like us to send you a sizer that would be no problem! Just cover the shipping and we'll send you a Free Ring Sizer.

First, place the end of the sizer through the loop and slowly tighten it.

You'll want to tighten the ring sizer so that it mimics the look and feel of an actual ring.

After you've tightened the sizer down, test it out to make sure it slips over your knuckle with slight resistance.

If it's too tight, on hot days, salty meals, or even swelling from allergic reactions will make a ring of that size hard to remove.

If it's too loose, cold days may cause the ring to slip right off.

When reading the sizer it's best to count the dashes to make sure you're reading the size correctly.

The dashes don't line up perfectly to the numbers so reading quickly could mean you're off by 1/2 a ring size.

Rather than throwing this sizer away when you're done using it, please consider keeping it for future use. This will keep it out of a landfill.

Band Width

We have two never-fail ways to help you pick your best band width.

The first, is with our printable sizer and the built-in width gauge.

The second method, is by stacking coins. To do this you'll need; 4 US Nickels.

The printable ring sizers built in width estimator will help you select 8mm, 6mm or 4mm band widths.

Simply hold the end of the ring sizer up to your finger to determine if you would like the 8mm, 6mm or 4mm band width.

Estimating your band width by stacking coins is another very easy option.

A US nickel is approximately 1.95mm wide. Stacking 4 will simulate 8mm, 3 would be 6mm and 2 mimics 4mm.

Hold this stack up to your finger to determine which width is best for you.

Please note, other currencies such as Mexican Peso's or Canadian nickels are slightly thinner at approximately 1.7mm. These coins aren't as accurate for this method.

Sized by a Jeweler

Being sized at a Jewelers will typically give you a very accurate, if not the most accurate sizing.

Most jewelers are willing to size you for free. Though, please be respectful of their time if you're not intending to purchase anything from their store.

  • Please request they perform your sizing using sizers in the width band you would like to order (8mm, 6mm or 4mm) and in a comfort fit interior.

  • Be sure to look at the sizer yourself and write down the size you read. It's very easy to forget the size by the time you get home.

  • In some cases an inexperienced jeweler may read the wrong size, drop the sizers and guess what they were previously holding, or may not be paying attention if they feel they aren't going to make a sale.

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