Care Guide

Our rings are made to last and be worn every day using only quality and durable materials. With that in mind, please understand that jewelry isn't indestructible and following some simple care tips will keep your ring looking new.

Please note, the first year of your limited lifetime warranty does include a free replacement for any damage you may cause to your band. So feel confident knowing we're here to help!

What To Avoid

Please remember jewelry is not indestructible. To protect against damages avoiding the following will help;

  • Abrasives, sharp items, gravel, dirt, sand/sandpaper.
  • Chemicals such as; chemical stripping products, pool chlorine/shock (direct contact), paint thinner, hair dye, acetone, nail polish remover
  • Rapid temperature changes. These can cause expansion and contraction and overtime will lead to inlay cracks.
  • Dropping and/or throwing your ring could cause damage.

Cleaning Tips

Channel inlay rings are some of the easiest pieces of jewelry to clean and maintain. The ease of cleaning is due to not having prong set stones.

  • The best soap to use is a liquid dish soap. Bar soaps will work, however; they can deposit clumps of soap that take extra time to remove.
  • A soft non-abrasive cloth, sponge, paper towel or napkin can be used to clean and dry the surface.
  • Do not wash your ring in the dish washer, clothes washing machine, or clothes dryer.
  • Sonic cleaners won't be efficient at cleaning channel rings. This is because there are no gaps or cracks to shake dirt and debris from.
  • Please remmeber small objects are a choking hazard and if left out to dry should be placed in a safe and secure location.

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