Great Fit Promise!

We're here to help demystify the process of ordering a ring online. We do that through our "Great Fit Promise!".

Our commitment to providing you with a well fitting ring includes a 180 day (6 month) one time free exchange for a different size or width ring. After 180 days (6 months) size exchanges are still available for a low fee. While we hope the below information helps avoid the need for an exchange, please know we're here to help if you do!

Sizing Do's

  • Do consider trying our printable sizer.
  • Do consider having us send you a reusable ring sizer. Yours to keep!
  • Do try and stop by a jeweler to be sized by a professional.
  • Do size your finger when it's not excessively hot or cold outside.

Sizing Don'ts

  • Don't wrap your finger with a piece of string and then measure it.
  • Don't use a measuring tape.
  • Don't use a tailors tape / fabric ruler.
  • Don't assume your left hand has the same ring sizes as your right.

 Sizing Accuracy

  • Using our free sizing tool will give you very accurate sizing for our bands.
  • Our printable sizer will be accurate within 1/4 to 1/2 a size. This tool also has a gauge to show you the different widths on your finger.
  • Getting sized at a jewelers is generally considered a good option. The concerns with this method are, inattentive or inexperienced employees of the jewelry store may read the wrong size, use the wrong sizing tool, and in some very rare cases maliciously provide the wrong size to steer you away from buying a ring online. Make sure you personally read the size.

The methods in our "Sizing Don'ts" chart have proven regularly to be off by as many as 4+ ring sizes. While it's not impossible to get an accurate size using those methods, it's more common that customers following those methods receive sizes that fit poorly.

For detailed instructions on how to use our printable sizer or our disposable sizing tool please visit our Sizing Guide.

If you would like personalized help with your sizing questions, please reach out to support through the Contact Us page. We'll be happy to help with any additional questions.

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